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F4 Fin Company - Foil Flex Fit FinishExciting news from Ben Bamer, one of the people behind the fin company F4, about the latest development in their range of formula fins.

Normally all entries in my blog are in Danish, there’s so much information available in English, so I decided not to bother writing in English as it takes a bit more time. This entry however is different, simply because the information is not yet available anywhere else!

For some time the new fin went by the code name of “Monster” because of it’s large cut, but being as far as we are now it has been named “BB” and the design brief on this fin is a target of 8-12 knots for the normal 70cm.  Pushing it up and cutting down the tip will make it even more powerful to target winds 6-10 knots.  It is supposed to plane off very early, get great angle, lift and power up the board, glide through holes, and be fast in light conditions. Click on a picture for details.

F4 BB FinThe new F4 BB is an entirely new foil to pick up where the CR 74-4 (C-RAD) left off.  This thing is big at 70cm but there’s another 10cm to play with so we can make an 80-10 which is a monster!

F4 BB Fin Foil SectionsA lot of attention was paid on the foil shape, outline, and taper to allow for control and speed if the wind picks up some, i.e. if it comes up to 14+ knots you won’t be out of control and scared.  It is NOT meant to be a single fin solution for all conditions.

F4 BB FIN vs CRADIt’s still in an early phase, but impressions are very good.  For every new design it takes a few attempts to get the flex right, the first one was close to what we wanted, but too stiff. Rake angle however was very good right away.

The pictures of the new F4 fin show – a 74-4 on top of a BB to show the extra area – comparison of foil sections, the BB is on the bottom – last picture shows a BB side by side with a CR74-4. Click on a picture for details.

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  1. Gas says:

    moin. where can i buy this fin and whats the price?

  2. panos says:

    i order the nonster for my FX-Z has anyone test this fin with this board?
    Greek formula association

  3. admin says:

    Hi there.

    The F4 fins can be ordered by contacting Ben Bamer, check out their website for details. Prices vary depending upon fin type, but a formula fin is app 600,- USD including shipping, slalom fins are half price.

    I’ll be writing a more detailed report about the BB fin, including more pictures and details. Should be ready in about 2 weeks time.

  4. admin says:

    Hi there Panos.

    I don’t ride the FX-Z board, but was on the SB 162 the last two years and will be on the SB HWR in 2010. Judging from my experiences this year, I would assume that the BB/Monster woulæd be a very good match for the FX-Z in light conditions. The upwind characteristics of this fin is impressive, it really delivers impressive speed and handling. The SB 162 however required a bit more lift, so working with the rake angle was required. The FX-Z is as far as I know not that sensitive, so it should work right out of the box.

    Highly recommendable fin, enjoy and have fun.

  5. panos says:

    thanks for your reply
    when i test it i send you feedback for the Z

  6. Kostas says:

    I’ve tested Panos fin last week (I’m 98kg, 1.93m tall, black machine 08-09, 11.7 sail, wind up to 14 knots onshore, relatively choppy water). I’ve written a brief report on the outcome (which was very positive indeed) and I’ve emailed it to F4. I only quote the
    the conclusion here for reference:

    ”…In conclusion, Panos’ fin significantly improved my upwind angle and downwind I had a very
    good speed. Rake of the fin was 87 degrees, black machine likes rakes around 85 degrees, but
    again I believe that the upward lift that this F4 fin had, was working positively in railing the
    board and keeping the nose up.”

    I’ll come with more info if I have the chance to test the fin again.

  7. giu says:

    hallo Kostas,
    have you tested the fin on the new w-100?
    I’m more than interested to understand what could be the fin choice for my new board.
    Tested it (w-100) just once and find it sailing totally flat.
    Any help about very light wind and overall choice at 80 kg?
    Please advice about size,model,stiffness,rake.

    Thank you

  8. giu says:

    ops sorry,
    just re-read your post and realized you were on ’08-’09 board.

  9. admin says:

    Hi giu.

    I’ve only used the BB with the SB 162, so I haven’t tested it with the newer LWR/HWR boards yet. Will still be a while before it’s possible, water is frozen and winter is taking it’s toll on temperatures. Will let you know once I get there.

    Post your findings here once they are ready, looking forward to hearing more.

  10. Kostas says:

    Have now a another F4 fin in my hands: BB 80-10, 5 degrees XS.

    Tested it in 10-11 knots for an hour last weekend. Fin requires a ride
    with higher stance than usual. Upwind it keeps angle even in lulls quite well, minor problem is the speed. However, I realised that fin has a good angle upwind, compared e.g. with R20 and it feels very stable and easy to ride. I ll do another test tomorrow morning and let you know more how it feels.

    For sure I can tell you that this F4 fin has bigger surface compared with fins from other brands (e.g. VMG) of similar cutdown (F4 fin starts with a wider span from base down to tip). This is useful for heavyweight riders (like me, 98kg) – it provides good power.

  11. Kostas says:

    Forgot to add:
    Giu, I’m still riding EXO 08-09 model. I will remain on this model this year again. I think for your weight (80kg) a cutdown 80-10 would be a little bit too big for you. But, I guess it depends on what board you are riding too. My friend Panos, who is around 102kg, he is using BB 80-10 with his 11.8 and now plans to sail it with 12.5.

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